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Looking down on WYVIS LODGE


We are pleased to offer stag stalking over WYVIS estate, which lies 20 miles North of Inverness, close to Evanton and Dingwall, in Easter Ross-shire.


The forest was originally created by Walter Shoolbred and his family, around 1884. More recently it has been owned by Viscount Mountgarret, the Gisselbęk family and today is the property of Mr Benjamin Coates. A detailed description of the history of the Estate and its original owner and developer is to be found in the book "Monarchs of the Glen" by Duff Hart-Davis.

The Estate and stalking team

The stalking ground extends to some 28,500 acres, and has a large population of red deer resident, of which some 45 stags and 100 hinds are annually taken. The estate has four distinct beats, allowing for four individuals or parties to be out on any given day, without hindrance to any of the others. I have personally been stalking on Wyvis as a seasonal stalker now since 1989, and the Head stalker, Gordon Beattie, his son Scott, and the third stalker David Sutherland have all been on the estate since the early 1980's.


Stalking normally commences around 09.30, after having checked the rifle on the iron stag target. This is usually conducted on foot, though there is an eight-wheel drive tracked vehicle used for accessing one of the more remote beats. Potential Rifles are requested that they have undertaken some walking and/or physical exercise prior to arrival, as the hills are very unforgiving to the unfit; good strong footwear is essential, and aspiring Rifles are recommended to bring a windproof outer jacket which can be worn once the heights have been ascended. Sporting weapons are required to be of above .240 calibre, shooting above 100 grain soft-nosed bullet, with a minimum muzzle energy of 2,450 ft.lbs. Our preferred minimum calibre for stags is .257".

A successful stalk high above the lodge

Red deer are wary creatures with excellent eyesight, and a suitable hat and gloves are also considered de rigeur. Trophy quality is  above the average for Scotland as a whole. As is normal, any sportsman will shoot to the instructions of the Estate staff, but will generally be offered a choice of more than one animal wherever possible, and will not generally be requested to shoot animals with very small antlers. Early booking is advisable, as demand from past clients is always strong!


All the normal various types of accommodation are available locally, and we will be pleased to advise upon hearing of your preference and requirements. Contact us


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